Posted by: suzan | July 4, 2014

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For some parents, grocery shopping with their kids can be a fearful experience. We’ve all been there, when we’re walking down the aisles with our children and the colorful and cartoon packaging instantly draws our kids like moths to a flame. We inevitably break down through all the pleading and negotiating and end up buying something we didn’t plan to. Sometimes we give in and buy what they want but when we get home, we look at the ingredients and then…cringe. Did I really have to buy that?

But as parents, it’s our purpose to provide healthy and nutritional food for our growing children. Hopefully when we teach them good eating habits, they’ll take those good skills and apply it to adulthood. That’s why it’s important to know what we’re buying and why we’re buying it. Take for instance kids juices. Perhaps that is one of the largest…

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